Intermediate Proofer

Dough Proofing Machine

Intermediate Proofer

By means of excellent synchronization in this machine, it is possible to get dough pieces from right or left outlets and therefore, a more comfortable working place is achieved. In the proofer, hygienic plastic bowls which allows easy cleaning, are used. Some parts of the machine are covered by transparent material in order to observe the dough. The control panel is protected against electrical errors such as missing phases or wrong connections

Final Proofer

This cabinet protects the humidity and temperature which exist in the room due to the use of climator unit and moisturizing equipment. A window on the cabinet door is used for observing the fermentation prosesss. This final fermentation cabinet is necessary for the fermentation process of the dough. The dough which is divided for making bread should be kept inside the cabinet, and required heat and humidity must be supplied in to the fermentation cabinet, which is the final proofer. It is made of stainless steel or PVC covered material which gives a hygienic environment for the dough. The humidity and heat inside the cabinet can be seen and controlled from the control box.

Ranges Available: 2 - 6 racks.Other ranges on request.